Monday, June 29, 2009

Minglestick, Minglestick, Minglestick!

Try saying that three times fast!

No, Minglestick is not a tongue twister. It is a contact management tool.

Maybe I have Contact Management (CM) on the brain today because I just wrapped up a talk on the importance of proactive contact management at Langara College.

Nonetheless, Minglestick maybe a solution for business owners out there who would like a 'paper free' way to pass on information. Minglestick users connects by pointing their MingleSticks and pressing one simple button. A connection is made within a split second! Lose the need for business cards, pen, paper and the hassle of it all.

Think of the environmental perks! Think of the efficiency!

If you have any questions about CM Solutions please feel free to contact us.

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